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  • Dec, 13 2019
    Chris Obonaga
    I am very disappointed with KM Homes. I purchased a new home so that I would not deal with some of the stuff I am dealing with (Leaky roof and plumbing issues). Take a look at the pictures- I am still waiting for items to get fixed.
    In all fairness, everything is "under warranty" and they have came to "fix" the issues, but I still have a leaky roof which I had to again put into their portal. The pluming issue with the leak was fixed- but I am still waiting for them to go and paint the insane that I have been living in my new construction home for less than 2 months and have had more issues than my previous home where I lived for almost 5 years.
    I would strongly suggest to look elsewhere for your new construction home. I don't want to even know what this home will look like after 15 years. I will need to move before 15 years for sure- the construction is bad and sloppy....sooo disappointed in how a new construction home can have soo many problems in so little time.
  • Aug, 19 2019
    Taresa Choe
    Update 10/30/2017 : Dishwasher outlet still not working. Electrician came and could not fix the issue be he didn't want to take the responsibility in unplugging the water hose and drain and causing a leak. Sounds reasonable, so he called his boss who then called 3 different KM Homebuilders to ask them to come unplug the hose. They refused. Why? Because they didn't want to be responsible for damages. Now on back on the phone with GE Appliances so that they can unhook the hose so the electrician can come look at the plug at another time.

    Traumatic Move-in Incident
    Townhome The Abbey Suwanee Station

    For a company whose integrity is based on craftsmanship amd quality, KM Homes proves to be a disappoint and lack follow through of promises. If you are about detail and quality, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM KM HOMES. Yes, they are cheaper, but you are paying for what you get.

    I am first time home buyer, and I am so traumatized I will never purchase a new home from an unknown small builder again. I understand that a new house is imperfect--knicks, scratches, broken doors, dents in walls, paint on the floors, uneven wood stains, giant paint chips all over the house, cracked grout, missing window screens, blinds, broken food grinder (kitchen sink), unfinished garage concrete, broken/cracked cement--These are issues in home that needed fixing or still remains unfixed. However, when we hired Hero Home Inspectors to look over the house, their thorough inspection found things that were uncompromising--heater broken, water leaking faucet, windows that had rain coming in due to incorrect caulking, shoe molds missing in several places around the house, nails popping in several places including stairs, etc. We had made several complaints about the heater and leak (the NON-COSMETIC ISSUES)--since it was suppose to be fixed BEFORE CLOSING. But in reality it took 3 weeks AFTER closing to get these things fixed and working properly. The WORST PART--The only reason it was fixed was because we refused to move in, and change the utility bills to our name. It is now almost a month after we have closed. I still CANNOT move in because a house without hot water defines UNLIVABLE. I have a newborn child and we will not shower in cold water. Not only do we not have hot running water, the water pressure is too low in the showers, still missing shoe molds, and now our dishwasher is not working and won't turn on (although it was working prior to the plumber and electrician fixing the heater). But the worst part is the nonchalant and careless attitude of the sales agent. She was best during the time of purchase; we could text or email her about anything and she made sure it was done and fixed. Now that the house is closed, she has made it very clear that her work with is finished. She would not give me the corporate or owner's information to make a complaint. She said "If things need to get things fixed, she needs to be like everyone else and go through the portal. That's our system. She needs stop texting and emailing me and the builder." This does not represent compassion; this does not represent a trust worthy company, this definately does not represent high quality; AND  it DEFINATELY does not represent "passion" for buyers of a new home.

    We still are now (a month later) in the process of moving in. So far, we are still missing shoe molds around the kitchen, our cabinets and island is damaged, unfinished doors needing sanding, paint chips throughout the house, and our dishwasher has to be plugged outside of the island because the "board" or plug is now damaged from when they tried fixing the heater.

    In order to resolve the issues and file a complaint I also called the corporate office (number found on Google). I spoke to two different people in marketing. Not suprised, I got the same answer: document on the portal and "homes are built with human hands"...I think they are trained to say that to compromise for the cheap work.
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